What factors are shaping the local and national 2014 grain harvest environment and what challenges could you be facing?
Recorded Aug 5 Covering the 2014 Grain Harvest Environment
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Our Leadership


President & Founder

“You can make money doing that!?” That was the overwhelming reaction from McNew’s academic colleagues when he told them he was resigning his position as a Professor of Commodity Markets after a 10-year career filled with awards and recognition, to pursue a startup company that collected cash grain prices.

“I’ve always been fascinated by grain markets, their volatile nature, and the role that economic and weather-based factors have in crop production, demand and ultimately prices.” says McNew. Raised on a farm in central Oklahoma, McNew received his bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University, and master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Economics from North Carolina State University. For over a decade, he was a Professor of Economics at the University of Maryland and Montana State University, focusing on commodity markets. He has received numerous academic awards for his research and outreach work, and was (and still is) widely regarded for boiling down complex economic issues into easy-to-understand concepts for applied life.

Today, McNew is one of the most well-respected industry experts on cash markets. As an analyst, Kevin's unique commentary on cash markets can be seen weekly on Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Reuters and other publications. He also currently serves on the CFTC Sub-Committee on Futures Market Convergence issues. In addition, he is a frequent speaker at conferences on topics of risk management, biofuels and new trading techniques, In his free time McNew serves as the captain of the HHL hockey team, The Grain Gretzkys.

Although President of GeoGrain, Kevin still takes an active role in new projects that will continue to serve the company’s mission in the years to come. “Tenacious innovation is what we strive for everyday in developing the best, most precise answers to cash grain traders.”

Our Team


Director of Client Services

As Director of Client Services, Cody works with current and prospective clients to ensure their organizations are capturing the most value out of the cash market data and intelligence that GeoGrain offers. This can be done by either integrating GeoGrain’s services into current business systems or through a customized, creative solution. Either way, Cody has helped many businesses gain the edge they need to take their service and sales to the next level.

Cody graduated from the University of Vermont with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration concentrating on Finance. During this time he worked as an analyst for a local investment management firm where his equity write-ups appeared in two national publications. Cody also took first place in the UVM Business plan competition with his diagram focusing on the consolidation of the firewood industry in southern Vermont through an efficient delivery system and the implementation of forward contracts.

Throughout college Cody traded U.S equities in a self-owned account. He studied technical analysis to supplement his finance degree and implemented a variety of trading strategies focusing primarily on momentum trades. Trading proved to be a valuable experience in understanding the relationship between price, time and investment psychology.

Following the completion of his education, Cody moved to Bozeman, MT and began his position at GeoGrain as Director of Data Services. During his tenure he has helped develop and implement a state-of-the-art data entry system which has greatly improved data collection accuracy. He has also played an important role in the development of the company’s web services which make GeoGrain solutions more customizable for clients. Cody now focuses his efforts on developing custom business solutions for corporate clients throughout the United States.




Brock works closely with clients to help them execute futures and options trading strategies that meet their risk management and profit objectives. In addition to assisting clients in the futures market, Brock pays special attention to helping clients utilize the cash market intelligence tools provided by GrainHedge to maximize their net returns. Brock also provides a weekly commodity commentary, an overview of what is happening and what’s on the horizon in the grain market, which can be found at www.grainclass.com.

At a young age Brock was exposed to trading commodities. While living on a farm in southwest Minnesota, he helped his father raise cattle, hogs, and chickens in addition to growing corn and soybeans. His first vehicle was actually paid for with the proceeds from his cattle trades. Not knowing it at the time, he was laying the ground work for a career in commodities trading. His interest in financial markets and institutions was further increased while attending Montana State University.

Brock graduated from Montana State with honors in Business Finance and a minor in Economics. In his final year of school, he took an internship with another internet company, Profitable Ideas Exchange, as a conference call facilitator for Fortune 500 companies. Shortly after graduation, Brock joined GeoGrain. as a cash market specialist. Within a few months he obtained his Series 3 license to become a registered commodities broker and began his work with GrainHedge LLC.

Giving back to the community is important to Brock. Recently, he has made speaking appearances at Montana State University’s Finance Club, D.A. Davidson’s investment seminar, and donates time to the March of Dimes Foundation. His hobbies keep him busy in the mountains surrounding Bozeman, as he enjoys trail running, mountain biking, snowboarding, and backpacking.



Senior Programmer

Mike grew up in Virginia and has been moving west ever since. Settling in Bozeman in 2010, he brings his experience leading projects and creating interactive user-friendly web applications to GeoGrain. After graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science, he began web development in ASP.NET and continues to further his expertise on the full Microsoft stack.

Previously he has served as technical and team lead for new offerings and major version releases, Web Performance Taskforce Chairman, and senior developer on line of business applications. He looks forward to continuing the work GeoGrain has developed and developing new solutions to help our clients manage the vast amounts of data in the grain commodity markets.




John works as the company controller managing the accounting function, financial reporting and budgeting/forecasting responsibilities. As a Certified Management Accountant who earned a master's degree in Accountancy from Bentley College (Waltham, MA), John has 15-years professional experience in a variety of industries-- including manufacturing, high-tech, and dot.com organizations. John also continues to serve as an accounting instructor at Montana State University, now in his fourth year of teaching at the university level.

For pleasure, John likes to be lost in the mountain wilderness, run marathons, and continue as the Event Director of Bozeman's largest run/walk event which raises critical funding for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank – the Huffing For Stuffing Thanksgiving Day Run.



Our qualified cash market specialists record more than 48,000 prices every day. This information is gathered from a litany of faxes, emails, phone calls, and websites from around the nation in order to keep our databases current. The team prides itself on accurate and timely data, cleaning and analyzing basis levels through the utilization of spatial and temporal algorithms. Each operator implements GeoGrain’s proprietary system to ensure data integrity, which includes a series of analytical tools such as: basis charts, maps and spatial arbitrage matrices.

Our data entry staff includes:

Senior Market Specialists:
  • Abbey Schmaltz
  • David Swedman
  • Logan Burgess
Market Specialists:
  • Bryce Johns
  • Barry Peterson
  • Grant Johns
  • Courtney Holmberg
  • Sharon Chang
  • Jake Weimer
  • Dan Williams