GeoGrain has a diverse client base which spans from multi-national trading firms to small farmers and anything in between. If you actively buy or sell grain or work with clients that do, our cash market technology that can help you gain an edge in your industry. We work with our clients to provide a wide variety of cutting edge solutions which span from standard historical data orders to customized business solutions.

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Grain Hedge partners with GeoGrain to provide client specific market data. All Grain Hedge trading clients receive a complimentary subscription to the GeoGrain Standard Optimizer Platform.

Grain Hedge's mission is to educate and empower traders through the use of technology and innovation focusing on agricultural commodities. We strive to provide actionable information to help our customers meet their profitability goals. Our platform has been developed specifically for the agricultural producer and provides live futures quotes, direct market access, and cash market bids and intelligence. Finally, the information you need to make profitable marketing decisions can be accessed under one Grain Hedge log in.

Even though our accounts are self-directed, farmers are not alone. Our team of brokers can be reached easily through a phone call, email, online support, or a web meeting. Our brokers work hard to provide education so that each client can execute their strategy with confidence. The avenues we use include: Grain TV, cash and futures market commentary, Optimizer tools, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and weather intelligence from Planalytics.

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Farm Journal Media background
Farm Journal Media is one of America’s most respected and recognized agricultural media brands. Founded in 1877, the company has enjoyed over 130 years of service to farmers throughout the nation. Since the genesis of the company, FJM has grown to include reputable brands such as Agweb, Top Producer, Dairy Today, Beef Today, Pro Farmer, AgDay, U.S. Farm Report and Each one of these brands caters to a different segment of farming and agriculture, giving FJM one of the most comprehensive media portfolios in the industry.

Farm Journal Media’s emphasis on customization
Farm Journal Media’s success has been defined by their ability to provide producers with the highest quality information to improve their profitability. To ensure each farmer was receiving pertinent information FJM placed emphasis on customized information delivery. As early as 1952, FJM had launched regionally specific editions of their magazines to ensure each subscriber receives the most useful information. In the 1960’s FJM began seriously collecting data about its readers crops and livestock. By 1982 FJM was able to harness this data and was now customizing their magazines according to the readers’ crops, livestock, size, and region. For example, the May 1984 issue had 8,896 different versions. uses GeoGrain to provide client specific market data.
One way that FJM delivers its customized farm information is through its website, a website that gives farmers quick access to news, market information, weather conditions, and message boards. When it comes to market information Agweb is easily able to post futures prices, but for farmers, the futures market is only half the equation. The other half is the cash market, which is often neglected due to it being highly fragmented and geographically spread out. However, despite these hurdles, farmers still need to monitor local cash market prices. To meet this need, turned to GeoGrain to provide a cash market solution for their website. GeoGrain specializes in cash market data and was able to deliver a custom package which enabled a farmer to enter their zip code which would return the five closest cash markets. Farmers can instantly see prices available for various commodities and delivery dates. Once again AgWeb was able to deliver valuable farming information specific to each user. Click here to view Agweb’s cash market search.

Cash Market Search Success: Increased web traffic and tremendous value for farmers. The GeoGrain cash market search has been a remarkable success for FJM, providing a series of benefits for AgWeb and its users. The most prominent boon was the large influx of internet traffic to the site. The cash market search provided a valuable service, where users can get a daily update on the information they need to be successful. As farmers learned of GeoGrain’s cash market search, it quickly became one of the most visited part of, allowing FJM to gain top-dollar for its advertising content. Both GeoGrain and FJM are continuing to develop applications, staying ahead of the curve in providing users with the most powerful cash market tools available.

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Agriculture is a risky business. For the men and women who produce the food we eat and the fiber we wear, success depends on a number of factors. Selecting the right seed, applying the correct blends of nutrients and effectively controlling insects and diseases can mean the difference between making money, or losing the farm. And then there is the weather to deal with…

The Company
Planalytics, Inc. provides Business Weather Intelligence to manufacturers, retailers, energy companies, financial services providers, and agricultural firms. Planalytics helps companies understand how weather impacts their bottom lines, but more importantly how they can improve their business decisions to capitalize on a changing weather environment. Not just managing weather risks, but seizing weather-related opportunities as well. Planalytics’ goal is to give their clients an edge over their competition by translating accurate weather predictions into better, more profitable business decisions.

Their Agricultural Product
Planalytics Life Sciences group identifies agribusinesses that are looking to improve their bottom lines, either at the corporate level, or by building stronger relationships with their end-user customers. For those seeking to engender relationships, Planalytics provides a suite of tools that the agribusiness can offer to their retailers and farmers. As a result, customers are empowered to make more profitable decisions. Profitability no doubt fortifies the relationship between customers and the agribusinesses.

The Need for Marketing Intelligence
Weather is the single biggest external factor affecting any business performance. Understanding weather’s impact not only on crop production but on markets is a cornerstone of Planalytics Life Sciences business. Planalytics helps farmers throughout all stages of crop production… from scheduling planting after the last threat of frost in the Spring, to forecasting conditions favorable for harvesting in the Fall. However, marketing a crop properly is just as important as producing the crop in the first place.. Although weather can affect the price of agricultural commodities on the global exchanges, farmers need intelligence they can use to decide when and where to sell his crop at the most profitable prices available. Planalytics goal was to not only provide premium weather intelligence but to also provide premium market information. It was in acknowledging this that Planalytics sought a relationship with GeoGrain. Being able to harness both companies proprietary intelligence gives the farmer a distinct edge over his competition.

Their Solution
Planalytics approached GeoGrain because it is the recognized leader in cash market data, and the only company that offers cash market intelligence which consistently adds $.15-.20 cents a bushel to a farmer’s bottom line. GeoGrain Optimizer and My Grain Trades decision tools are bundled into Planalytics AgInsights intranet for its clients. This allowed Planalytics to retain their corporate identity but still provided unique cash market solutions essential to an optimal marketing strategy. Today AgInsights offers a well-rounded suite of weather and market intelligence products, helping farmers make profitable decisions planting, spraying, harvesting and selling their grain.