Ag Business

GeoGrain specializes in the cash market and helps grain buyers and sellers by providing the tools necessary to achieve their profit potential. GeoGrain works with agri-businesses in two ways: by supplying the tools necessary to strengthen client-business relationships, and providing the data and applications to improve business decisions. See the Business Solutions below to learn how innovative organizations use GeoGrain.

GeoGrain gives farmers the edge necessary to achieve their grain marketing goals. If your client buys or sells physical grain we help them identify the best opportunities in their region, examine historical basis, monitor their crop value, along with tracking their breakeven and crop profitability. On average, GeoGrain enhances a farmer’s cash market sales by 10 to 20 cents per bushel. To a farmer with 2,000 acres of corn yielding 160 bushels per acre this translates into a revenue increase of $32,000 per year. We can consistently provide these results because GeoGrain intelligence relies on thousands of calculations that factor in: spot bids, forward bids, driving distance, shipping cost, and storage cost to over 3,800 grain buying locations. We do not rely on market speculation! When grain traders use GeoGrain products they are using the most powerful cash market intelligence available.

GeoGrain results are consistent because they are calculations based on the best data available.
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GeoGrain works with banks, crop insurance companies, brokers, seed companies, media companies, news organizations, and other businesses to improve their client-business relationships. Licensing GeoGrain’s products allows for the agri-business to distribute the technology among its clients, increasing communication between business and client. The services provided by GeoGrain improve the profitability of the client by enhancing their marketing decisions, ultimately strengthening the bond of loyalty in the business relationship.

Corporate Branded Product

Deploying and branding these products under your own company logo and color scheme is quick and easy. The fastest way to get started is to deploy GeoGrain technology as a standalone product for your clients. This is also the cheapest and easiest way to benefit from GeoGrain’s unique solutions.


Customized Solutions

If you require a more customized solution, we can help take your product to the next level. Businesses can easily integrate our technology and answers into their existing applications because GeoGrain products are all XML web-services. Whether your current intelligence is in Excel, software based, or web based--GeoGrain can bring it to the next level by integrating them into one easy to use, powerful product.


By integrating an Excel-based cost of production module, My Grain Trades, and the Optimizer into a single web-based platform for a Midwest bank, GeoGrain has created a customized product that gives the bank’s clients a comprehensive record keeping system that aggregates all data from the cost side with the powerful data from the revenue side. They intend to use this product to improve their farmer’s decisions by aggregating detailed information into a clear, usable format. We applaud this innovation and look forward to working with them in the future.



GeoGrain works with ethanol plants, hedge funds, grain elevators, farm managers, private equity investors, academic institutions, and multi-national trading firms to enhance their business decisions. These organizations have all benefited from GeoGrain’s historical grain prices, current data feeds, and by the integration of our Optimizer technology into their back office systems.

Corporate Product

If your company actively manages multiple farms, GeoGrain’s corporate product is a perfect way to improve your management decisions. GeoGrain’s corporate product can be used as a way to manage and aggregate each farm’s information to provide a higher level of service to each location and to improve your cash market decisions. With the corporate product each one of your farms receives a My Grain Trades and Optimizer account which is then linked to an administrator account. After each farms production and transaction information is entered, the administrator can monitor the marketing progress of each farm individually, or as a whole. Administrators can also view each farm’s unsold crops, their optimal grain selling locations ordered by net return, and any open cash, futures, or options transactions. Administrators can map their farms, identify aggregate sale opportunities, set price, basis or futures alerts for individual cash markets, and much more. The corporate product provides detailed information that enhances an administrators understanding of each farms marketing position. All information is continuously updated and delivered in an easy and intuitive format as market price changes.


Historical and Current Data

From multi-national trading firms to countryside elevators, grain market participants of all sizes utilize historical cash market data to analyze systematic and idiosyncratic tendencies of a region’s grain buyers. This data has also been used to analyze basis history, identify seasonal trends, or to size up regional demand. Our data includes the elevator location, cash price, basis, and the futures contract that price was pinned to.


New Feature! Current Data

Once the historical analysis has been performed, use GeoGrain’s current data feeds to receive daily price and basis updates for all of your desired markets. Choose from spot or forward prices up to twelve months out. For those organizations that have built or intend to build a proprietary business system to enhance their grain trading decisions, GeoGrain is the logical choice for precise cash market data.

Universal Optimizer

The UO provides a portal for grain buyers and sellers to view all cash market data available in our system. This product gives subscribers a full array of spot and forward prices for each market in our database. The UO also enables subscribers to sort through 3,800 markets to identify the optimal grain selling and buying opportunities for delivery to any location after taking shipping and storage costs into account.