Historical Data

GeoGrain is the standard for historical cash market prices with over 55 million grain bids in our database spanning all the way back to 1998. This data includes over 3,800 markets concerning seventeen different commodities. Whether you are an analyst, academic, or hedge fund, we give you access to the most accurate, comprehensive cash market data available. Our new data purchasing interface now gives you access historical spot and forward prices.

The foundation in the GeoGrain business model is accuracy, precision and integrity. These principles allow us to provide powerful grain market intelligence to our clients. Each day our prices pass through a series of quality control procedures to ensure the highest quality of data,. These include bounds checks, two levels of basis change verifications, and a final in-depth spatial comparison. With over 48,000 spot and forward bids collected daily, we take no shortcuts to ensure price accuracy. These checks represent about a third of our data collecting costs. Our dedicated data team spares no time, and our company no expense, to be the most trusted, highest quality data within the industry.

Subscriptions and Data Feeds

Subscriptions can range from weekly data dumps of subscribed markets to a monthly update for all markets. Custom data feeds to individual markets can be arranged by contacting a representative at sales@cashgrainbids.com .

Historical Data Requests

For special orders or requests that cannot be performed through our data purchasing interface please contact one of our representatives at (866) 290-1196.

Data purchases include: date, commodity, delivery month, delivery year, price, basis, company, state, city, and geographical coordinates (latitude/longitude) for GIS mapping. All bases are calculated from a cash price using a standard convention.

*All data must be used for internal use by the purchaser alone and cannot be resold or distributed to any other person, business, organization or any other entity living or non-living, or comprised of known or unknown matter.