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GeoGrain has a diverse client base which spans from multi-national trading firms to small farmers and anything in between. If you actively buy or sell grain or work with clients that do, our cash market technology that can help you gain an edge in your industry. We work with our clients to provide a wide variety of cutting edge solutions which span from standard historical data orders to customized business solutions.


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Grain Hedge partners with GeoGrain to provide client specific market data. All Grain Hedge trading clients receive a complimentary subscription to the GeoGrain Standard Optimizer Platform.

Grain Hedge's mission is to educate and empower traders through the use of technology and innovation focusing on agricultural commodities. We strive to provide actionable information to help our customers meet their profitability goals. Our platform has been developed specifically for the agricultural producer and provides live futures quotes, direct market access, and cash market bids and intelligence. Finally, the information you need to make profitable marketing decisions can be accessed under one Grain Hedge log in.

Even though our accounts are self-directed, farmers are not alone. Our team of brokers can be reached easily through a phone call, email, online support, or a web meeting. Our brokers work hard to provide education so that each client can execute their strategy with confidence.

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