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The Universal Optimizer is our most powerful and encompassing cash market product, providing a portal for merchandisers to view all cash market data available in our system. Unlike our Standard Optimizer product, the Universal Optimizer displays a greatly-expanded geographic area of available data, enabling subscribers to view cash markets for any delivery location, shipping cost, or storage cost. Multiple competitive facility locations, multiple farm accounts or bin locations can be monitored similtaneously.

All data is geo-coded for easy retrieval through a zip code, and returned prices are based on distance to that zip code. Facility contact information is displayed via hover menu. This valuable feature allows users to contact potential buyers and sellers quickly and easily when they see an opportunity.

The Universal Optimizer is much more than just price data. Included is a full suite of tools to help process raw cash market data into intelligent business decisions. These tools provide access to basis maps to compare elevator bids for a specific geographic region, basis charts to see individual market basis history, price charts to view individual cash market price history, Calculations based off of "10-minute delayed futures quotes, and barge rate data to monitor transportation costs throughout the river system. Also included is an email messaging system.

Whether you are sourcing grain to fill an ocean liner delivering to China or you are analyzing your market competition, the Universal Optimizer provides the most comprehensive cash market intelligence available.

Key features of the Universal Optimizer tools

  • View spot and forward cash market bids up to 12 months out
  • Bid data available throughout the continental US
  • Mapping of spot and forward prices or basis
  • Charting of current and historical prices or basis
  • Favorite market bid tracking
  • Identify the best market(s) based on price, location, storage, and trucking costs
  • Results can be sorted by net returns or distance from delivery location

If you’re trying to find the most effective and profitable way to sell or buy grain, the Universal Optimizer provides you with powerful tools for making timely and informed decisions.


  • Ethanol Plants
  • Private Equity Investors
  • Hedge Funds
  • Academic Institutions
  • Brokers
  • Multi-national Trading Firms
  • Farm Managers
  • News Organizations
  • Crop Insurance Companies
  • Media Companies
  • Banks
  • Grain Elevators
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