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From country elevators and grain market participants to multi-national trading firms, our current and historical cash market data is used to analyze systematic and idiosyncratic tendencies of a region’s grain buyers. Basis history, seasonal trends and regional demand can also be calculated by utilizing our data that includes elevator location, cash price, basis and the futures contract that price was pinned to.

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Subscriptions and Custom Data Feeds: Subscriptions can range from weekly data dumps of subscribed markets to monthly updates for all markets. Custom data feeds can be arranged by contacting a representative at

Custom Historical Data Requests: For special orders or requests that cannot be performed through our data purchasing interface please contact one of our representatives. 1-866-290-1196

Data purchases include: date, commodity, delivery month, delivery year, price, basis, futures contract, and all elevator information including geographical coordinates (latitude, longitude) for GIS mapping.

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